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"If it ain't tight, it ain't right!"®

About Tenacious

Tenacious was founded in January of 2013. Building a company around morals and standards was the general idea, but little did we know it would be much more than that. Within two years the Tenacious team has exceeded the industries Torque Turn service expectations. We have completed almost 1000 jobs servicing the wells with the most advanced monitoring equipment on the market ensuring proper make-ups and running procedures.

As a company, our main focus is to offer the best service to our customers. Service is not just performing the job in the field, but also to build a relationship with our customers. Communicating with our customers and providing them with the data we have gathered off each job we perform.

We provide a full range of Torque Turning services to our oil and natural gas production operators, including monitoring casing pipe installation and the speed of casing make up on the surface.

Tenacious Torque, LLC uses specialized computers, torque subs, and a "top drive system" for quality control and to ensure the casing pipe connections are connecting with the appropriate amount of torque, because, IF IT AIN’T TIGHT, IT AIN’T RIGHT

What's the difference?

What makes us any different than our competitors? Easy answer. Our people. A company is built like anything else - it starts with a foundation. A foundation in a company is the people that build it through out the years with their loyalty and hard work, maintaining the reputation and continuing to be better. “Choosing to be better today from yesterday and working today for a better tomorrow”.

We understand that we only get out of life by what we put in. With the success we have had as a company we wanted others to see the rewards as well. St. Jude’s is an organization we have contributed to since we have began in 2013. To give is to receive and for that we feel is a major reason why we are as successful as we have been. We will continue to grow and to give. We are proud to sponsor a great organization. Too many times we all have worked for someone or somewhere we did not feel valued. Not anymore. Working at Tenacious gives our people the opportunity to be apart of something that has meaning. As our journey continues, we hope that we can only better ourselves and to give others the same opportunity.

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